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My Name is Amy and if you know me you know I love making things. I have been doing this from a very young age. My grandmom (Nanny) would fly me from Philadelphia to Houston every summer. I would spend a few weeks there and most of the time we were making something, puffy paint t-shirt, jewelry out of pony beads and Christmas gifts for the family. Some of the items were awesome others were not so much, but the family always loved receiving them and I loved making them. To this day, my Nanny and I still create items and some of the items are still a dud but we laugh and have a great time! Thank you for visiting and I hope enjoy as much as I enjoyed creating them.


Every item is handmade to order and can be customized.  Each item is unique and made to match the pictures but might have some slight differences.  Signs measurements are within 1/4" of posted measurements.  Please enjoy!


Items take 1-3 weeks to ship or ready for delivery.  Local delivery or pick up is available.  Items can be shipped with in the United States.  Shipping cost will be invoiced separately.



All concerns must be communicated with me within 48 hours of delivery.

Bulk Orders

Bulk orders are available on request.


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